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Listen to Phil Lowe in action on BBC Radio 4...

Is your ability to deliver your leadership agenda

hampered by difficult face-to-face relationships?

What results would you be able to create if you could get the outcomes you wanted from your dealings with others?

 I'm Phil Lowe. I'm a coach, facilitator and writer and what I do, simply, is help people in leadership positions get their face to face relationships working perfectly.  If this is something that interests you, there is some good news and some bad news.

The good news: Very often you only need to change one small aspect of the way you treat someone to get a big change in their response.

The bad news: when you work with me, you do it for real.

I take a rehearsal room approach. By the time we've finished, you will already be doing the thing you said you wanted to do. That's because through my approach you will:

  • Identify 'the one thing' that will make the difference

  • Rehearse, explore and experiment with ways to make the new approach work for you and fit your personality, style and workplace.

  • Get the approach to stick so you hardly know you're doing it.

I have a clear belief that drives all the work I do: the effectiveness of an organisation rests on the quality of the interactions between individuals, whether colleague-colleague, boss-team or supplier-customer. Even in the insidious age of technology, human interaction drives our working lives. I have spent 17 years helping people in organisations transform the way they deal with others. Please browse the site to find out more about how I can help you.  If you prefer to have these things organised for you go here next.  If you just want the freebies, go here.