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"The day whizzed by, due to your enthusiasm and energy for your work."

"You are not afraid to go off script in the pursuit of addressing a particular need"

"You have a boundless energy and enthusiasm for discovery and enquiry"

"You have a great fund of knowledge and the ability to draw on it. You seem always able to find an example, a story, something, to enliven a session or illustrate a point."

"You never talk down to people, but don't bull**** them either,  and create a focussed, but relaxed and non-threatening environment in which people can learn."

"You are the toughest facilitator I've ever worked with."

Five minutes with Phil and I'm sorted.”

Thanks a million, Phil - you were wonderful and brilliant as usual.”

"You work in a sensitive and creative way that encourages the participants to get the most out of their sessions."

"Your use of the English language and way of explaining things is both engaging and entertaining. "

"You are very accepting of who people are and bring a positive attitude to every person and situation.  You are infinitely adaptable in your approach and have an appropriate model or quotation to illustrate every point."

"You're a breath of fresh air."

"You are one of the most talented professionals in the UK.  We're very lucky to have you working with us."

"What has always impressed me is how reliable and timely you are with your follow-ups: you always do what you say you will and at the first available opportunity."