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How I work

The work that I do is results oriented and embedded in the real world. I apply the principles of the 3Steps2Action personal development framework:

Make it Right: Identify the 'one thing' that will make the difference

Make it Real: Rehearse, explore and experiment with ways to make the new approach work for you and fit your personality, style and workplace.

Make it Routine: get the approach to stick so you hardly know you're doing it.

How this works in practice: I focus on finding the most engaging and practical way to highlight the dynamics of the interpersonal situation we're exploring, and involve you in creating the ideal solution.

With individuals: I work in conjunction with a professional roleplayer. You provide the challenging situation, s/he provides a realistic portrayal of the other party involved, and I work as an outside eye to help you practise and apply a range of potential approaches to find the one that gets the best result.

With groups: In my workshops I work with real situations, either provided on the day by participants for us to explore in practical exercises, or provided in advance by the client, and scripted by me into one or more dramatic vignettes performed by professional actors which participants can redirect to construct a model of best practice.

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