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I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a whole range of specialist consultancies who use me as an associate to bring a certain je ne sais quoi (well, they seem to know quoi at least) to their activities.  Here are those with whom I have a strong link.  The first two, for good measure, are actually my own firms jointly owned with colleagues. Oh, and the third one's mine as well. I believe this is called 'cross-selling'.

TeamAwayday provides creative inputs, design and facilitation services to help clients get maximum value out of large team events.  I am a virtual partner in this virtual firm with my actual colleague Rob Eastaway.

3Steps2Action uses the 3 'R's you will already have come across here to provide a structured process for ensuring personal development actually happens.  I co-own this product with Sue Green of Perspectives.

Office Dramas help participants see their teams and organisations from the outside in – and stay awake – by providing written to order plays and sketches which mirror challenges within the business.

Practive are specialists in providing opportunities for individuals and groups to practise real skills to improve communication and in turn improve organisational effectiveness.  I work with Practive's clients as a coach and facilitator.

OED Consulting helps senior business leaders and their teams commit to action plans which combine business change with personal and behavioural change.  I provide specialist one-to-one work, and design and run skills workshops built around experiential exercises which are metaphors for genuine business issues.  And that's just before breakfast.

Claremont Management Consultants revel in complexity and work on client projects which combine strategy, people development and change.  They use me as a facilitator and as a designer of innovative workshop and exercise approaches.

Orion Partners are specialists in HR transformation.  I wait till they've finished transforming, then work as a coach and facilitator to help HR people make their new roles as effective as possible.

Competiva build client skills in Sales, Negotiation and Influencing.  Their work speaks to my interest in getting face-to-face interactions to be as productive as possible, and under their banner I run skills workshops in Influencing and Negotiation techniques.

Ralph Lewis, from whom I have pinched countless frameworks and anecdotes, has worked with me on many of the initiatives mentioned on this site, and was co-author of my two management development books.

I am also a faculty member of Management Centre Europe and Henley Management College.